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Wholehearted Care: Meeting Emotional Needs in Nursing Home Communities

As we journey through life, there often comes a point when we might seek assistance with daily tasks and healthcare. This is where nursing homes step in offering a haven of safety, care, and comfort for seniors. Arbor Village Nursing & Rehabilitation, located in Sapulpa City, Oklahoma, stands as a testament to the concept of Wholehearted Care shaping the lives of its residents.

Wholehearted Care represents an approach that extends beyond the physical aspect, embracing the emotional well-being of nursing home residents. It acknowledges that seniors in such settings may grapple with feelings of isolation and disconnection. Arbor Village Nursing & Rehabilitation bridges this gap by delivering not only compassionate physical care but also addressing the emotional and social needs that enrich residents’ lives creating a profound sense of belonging and purpose.

At its core, Wholehearted Care embodies the spirit of nurturing a lively and thriving community right within the heart of our nursing home. Arbor Village Nursing & Rehabilitation has a wide range of activities and events that foster social bonds and engagement. From group exercises to facility outings, in which residents are given the opportunity to form connections that spark friendships filled with deep significance.

At its core, Arbor Village Nursing & Rehabilitation stands as an advocate of Wholehearted Care, going beyond the ordinary to embrace the emotional and physical well-being of our residents. With open arms we create a nurturing haven for seniors in Sapulpa City, Oklahoma, where support and empathy intertwine to weave a tapestry of genuine care.

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