Post Hospitalization

It Takes a Village

Come “home” after your hospital visit

By the Arbor Village staff

Nursing homes today offer so many more services than they have in years past—all kinds of physical, occupational, and speech therapy; gyms and exercise classes; social activities from one-on-one confidences to gala events; beauty salons; restorative nursing; respite care; and, when needed, hospice.

One service people often don’t think of when they think of nursing homes is post-hospitalization care. For people who live alone or whose spouses are unable to provide assistance like lifting, the best place in the world to recuperate is the right nursing home.

If you are going to be hospitalized—say, gall stone surgery—and you live alone or don’t have anyone who can help you do things like bathe, dress, groom yourself, get from your bed to a wheelchair, or help you reach and get situated on a toilet, then come by Arbor Village or some other nursing home and check it out; see if you like their food and their staff and that they have handrails in the bathrooms and so forth. (For a more detailed discussion of how to choose the right nursing home, contact us at the email address below and we’ll send you that column.)

An added benefit to being here is that you can receive rehabilitation therapy to help you get back on your feet and taking care of yourself faster. If indicated, you will be evaluated by physical and occupational therapists and a social worker; you will be given careful instruction on how to do exercises that will help your specific condition and oversight as you do them; you will receive training in how to move from your bed to a chair and from a wheelchair to a toilet or a tub; therapists will help you improve your gait and balance; and teach you how to use any adaptive equipment that you may be able to use to, for example, help you dress yourself.

Not to mention you won’t have to do housework, cooking, or laundry while you’re here. In fact, we can think of a host of reasons why you’d be so much better off, and heal faster, if you come to someplace like Arbor Village to recuperate from a hospital stay.

We are the staff at Arbor Village. Arbor Village provides long term care and rehabilitation at 310 West Taft in Sapulpa. You can contact us at or visit our website at