Mr. James Stuck

On October 8th, 2019, The Veteran’s Administration contacted Arbor Village regarding a possible patient, Mr. James Stuck. Veteran, James Stuck, had recently underwent a procedure which resulted in his lower right leg being amputated. Mr. Stuck needed rehabilitation. With limited resources for substantial rehabilitation, the VA offered a contract to provide him with the care he would need to recover at Arbor Village Nursing & Rehabilitation.

On October the 9th, 2019, Mr. Stuck was admitted to Arbor Village’s Rapid Recovery suites. As was expected, with the loss of his independence and the pains he endured during his extensive healing, Mr. Stuck was very demoralized. Mr. Stuck was adamant that he would not use a walker or wheelchair during his rehabilitative stay. As he experienced the support and care for which Arbor Village is known for providing, Mr. Stuck’s outlook on his rehabilitation moved from depression to motivation! Mr. Stuck even stated, “I may have arrived in a wheelchair, but I will walk out that front door!”

During his stay, Mr. Stuck’s wounds were successfully resolved and he was fitted with a custom designed prosthesis. He would later state that he was not looking forward to coming to a “nursing home” for rehabilitation. However, after experiencing the compassion, support and camaraderie at Arbor Village, He could not have asked for a better experience. On February 3rd, 2020, Mr. Stuck was successfully discharged back to his home. Although he did utilize a wheelchair, walker and a cane during his rehabilitation, He did just as he promised – He walked out that front door, totally unassisted! We are so proud of Mr. Stuck and his accomplishments at Arbor Village Rapid Recovery Suites!