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Clear Vision, Better Living: Observing Save Your Vision Month

As we celebrate Save Your Vision Month, it’s important to acknowledge the significance of maintaining good eye health, especially for residents at nursing homes. While routine check-ups are important, there are various other steps that can be taken to promote clear vision and better living among the elderly population.

At Arbor Village Nursing & Rehabilitation, we understand the importance of fostering a culture of eye health awareness. From proper nutrition to regular exercise and adequate rest, our dedicated team emphasizes holistic approaches to support optimal vision for our residents. By incorporating habits that promote eye health, such as wearing UV-protective eyewear and practicing good screen habits, we improve the quality of life for every individual within our nursing home community.

This Save Your Vision Month, let’s strive to raise awareness about the importance of a clear vision for better living. Arbor Village Nursing & Rehabilitation remains committed to promoting eye health and overall well-being for all residents, ensuring a brighter and clearer future for each individual under our care.

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