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Inclusive Care: Honoring Autism Acceptance Month in Our Nursing Facility

In recognition of Autism Acceptance Month, Arbor Village Nursing & Rehabilitation is proud to highlight our ongoing commitment to fostering an inclusive environment that honors the unique needs and strengths of all our residents, including those with autism. Our mission is to ensure that every individual in our care feels valued, understood, and supported in every aspect of their daily lives.

As a quality Nursing Home in Sapulpa, Oklahoma, we understand that inclusivity goes beyond merely accommodating physical needs. It’s about creating a nurturing and respectful atmosphere where every resident can prosper. Our staff is devoted to continuous learning and adaptation to meet the diverse needs of those we serve, including individuals on the autism spectrum. We believe in treating every person with the dignity, respect, and kindness they deserve, ensuring that our nursing home is not just a facility but a community where everyone feels at home.

Our commitment to inclusivity is reflected in our approach to personalized care. We recognize that individuals with autism may have specific preferences, sensitivities, and methods of communication. In response, our team works closely with residents, their care providers and families to tailor our care plans, ensuring they align with each resident’s unique way of experiencing the world. By creating an environment of acceptance and understanding, Arbor Village Nursing & Rehabilitation is not just honoring Autism Acceptance Month; we embody its principles year-round, making our nursing facility a beacon of inclusivity and compassion in the community.

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